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Gabriel LV: Proper Torque of Mounting Bolts on 1999 – 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A frequent concern from installers is customers complaining of rattling noises after the rear shocks have been replaced on 1999 – 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles. Read More ».

Gabriel LV: Product Benchmark — Chrome Plating

Chrome plated rods increase product shelf life. Moisture in most storage environments will cause unprotected steel surfaces to corrode over time. Read More ».

Gabriel LV: How to Prime a Shock or Strut

Occasionally, light-vehicle twin tube shocks and struts are misdiagnosed as faulty when removed from the box for installation. On the initial stroke of the product you may notice a dead band or erratic damping at the top of the stroke of the shock or strut. This is a normal occurrence and the shock will function properly once it has been primed. Read More ».
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