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Shock Test is a powerful new tool for assessing the performance of your car’s shock absorbers or struts. Using your mobile device you can determine whether it’s really time to replace your shocks or struts. Gabriel’s Shock Test app is scientifically-based to provide more accurate information than the good old bounce test.

If you work on your own car, the Shock Test app will help assess whether you need to replace parts. If you’re a shop tech, it can be used to quickly create an accurate assessment of a vehicle’s ride control condition. Detailed reports can be sent directly from the app to your customers.

Features & Benefits  

  • Test all four corners of your car to see what state the shocks/struts are in
  • Talk to the Gabriel Answerman to get your technical questions answered
  • Lookup the parts for your vehicle
  • Find the nearest store to pick them up
  • Easily share shock test results

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