Why is Chrome Better?

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For long-lasting quality and performance, chrome is the new gold standard.

At Gabriel®, we take great pride in our heritage as a leading supplier of reliable, high-quality aftermarket ride control products that exceed industry standards for long-lasting performance. That’s one of the reasons why Gabriel is the only full-line ride control manufacturer to offer super-finished chromed piston rods on every shock and strut we make – across all levels; not just the “premium” ones.

Why are chromed piston rods better?

  • Chrome is an extremely durable coating that inhibits rust and keeps the piston rod smooth and debris-free.
  • The smooth chrome surface reduces the amount of wear on the seal. A seal that rubs on a rusty, grime-filled rod will deteriorate and lose its sealing capabilities more quickly than one that comes in contact with our smooth, clean chromed rod.
  • The chrome surface also allows for the proper amount of lubrication over time, reducing the possibility of seal leaks and extending shock life.

What about the competition?

Many competitors use raw steel rods or rods with a corrosion inhibitor. Either of these may still rust – sometimes even while the parts are in their boxes. They are also more susceptible to moisture build up and “lot rot,” which results when a vehicle is parked for an extended period of time; especially in humid climates.

The proof is in the piston rod.

Our Gabriel engineering team has vigorously tested three types of rods using the ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Test – an industry standard when developing shocks for new vehicles. At the end of 96 hours, our chrome-plated rod retained its smooth chromed finish, while competitors’ piston rods were oxidized to the point that they no longer functioned.*

Quality. Performance. Durability.

Chrome plating our piston rods ensures that every Gabriel shock and strut you purchase is of the highest quality and provides superior performance and long-lasting durability. It’s the right thing to do, and the kind of high standards you would expect from the company that created the first automotive shock absorber in 1907 – the Original Gabriel.

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