FleetLine® Cab Shocks

The strong, silent type.

Designed specifically to eliminate cab vibration, Gabriel® FleetLine® Cab Shocks offer the strength and durability needed to keep your trucks running smoothly. It starts with engineering that delivers a rugged design to handle the harshest payloads and work environments, while leaving drivers undisturbed by muting cab noise and vibration. And less vibration means less fatigue and strain in your suspension. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Features & Benefits

  • 1”, 1 3/16”, 1 3/8” and 1 5/8” bore sizes address all cab suspension and designs
  • Unique gas-cell design2 reduces fade from fluid aeration
  • Best-in-class hydraulic stop provides unparalleled system durability and inhibits shocks from topping out and suspension from over-extending4
  • The rugged, self-compensating piston seal delivers consistent damping ability and reduced fade throughout the shock life
  • Super-finished chromed piston rod ensures superior corrosion resistance, unyielding performance and extended product life
  • 10-stage valving provides consistent control at all speeds and under all operating conditions
  • Multi-lip nitrile piston rod seal increases durability for mile‑after‑mile confidence
  • D.O.M (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) tubing reduces internal wear

  • 2. Dependent on designs
  • 4. Where Required
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