Piston Seal

Built tough and designed to go wherever your business takes you.

Trust. It’s the foundation of today’s transport business. Your clients expect you to be there on time, day in and day out. That’s why the driving force behind the design and engineering of our Gabriel® heavy-duty piston seal assembly has always been to provide the kind of long-lasting, rugged durability that you, and your clients, can always count on to get the job done.

We know your business relies on high miles and low downtime. So we created a more rugged and durable seal than the rigid nylon banded and non-banded designs used by many competitors. Our unique piston seal assembly incorporates an exclusive leak-proof, self-compensating piston seal that continues to adjust over the life of the shock for consistent damping. Constant pressure is applied to the sealing ring, maintaining a consistently tight seal between the piston and the pressure tube and eliminating oil-bypass.

To operators, that means longer shock life, greater protection in harsh operating conditions and the kind of consistent performance your fleet can depend on, mile after mile. The kind you’ll only get from the Original Gabriel.

Features & Benefits

Gabriel Heavy-Duty - Proven

  • Design is real-world proven to give you miles and miles of confidence and unyielding performance
  • Incorporates a rubber (or metal)2 piston seal that adjusts to maintain a tight seal between the piston and the pressure tube for consistent performance over the life of the shock
  • The self-compensating, leak-proof seal eliminates oil bypass by providing a positive seal between the piston and cylinder, minimizing damping force losses that can occur at increased shock temperatures
  • Unlike many competitors’ designs, Gabriel’s piston seal system compensates for increasing temperature reducing force velocity variability and nearly eliminating damping degradation over product life
  • Increases control capabilities at low velocities
  • A rugged, cast iron seal is incorporated into "extreme use" applications where higher damping is needed and resulting higher internal temperatures are reached

  • 2. Dependent on designs
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