Hydraulic Stop

Tested over miles of terrain. Proven over years of real-world use.

Gabriel® is the U.S. originator of this uniquely robust hydraulic stop design4 – one that helps prevent impact damage to the truck and components by creating a hydraulic cushion. It also provides best-in-class energy absorption to protect today’s low-friction suspension components, including the axles, air springs, shock mounts and the shocks themselves.

Features & Benefits

Gabriel Heavy-Duty - Proven

  • Design is real-world proven to give you miles and miles of confidence and unyielding performance
  • Traps a cushion of fluid between the piston and upper cylinder head by cutting off oil flow to the piston
  • Traps more oil volume and has better sealing capabilities than competitors’ designs
  • Improves ride control comfort and provides unparalleled system durability
  • Significantly reduces fatigue in mounts, lights and other vibration-sensitive components
  • Inhibits shocks from topping out and suspension from over-extending
  • Provides three to five times greater force absorption than our largest competitor’s design3

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