Proven in Real-world Use

Gabriel Heavy-Duty - Proven

About Gabriel’s heavy-duty “Proven” logo.

Gabriel’s FleetLine® and GasSLX® shocks have been proven in real-world use – on millions of trucks over billions of owner driven miles. Very few manufacturers can say the same.

Gabriel® has been selling shocks and struts since 1907 and we can trace our heavy-duty roots back to the 1950’s. In the half-century since that time, the millions of FleetLine and GasSLX shocks we’ve sold have been placed on trucks that have driven billions of miles across North America.

And from the feedback we’ve gleaned from our customers over the years, Gabriel has continued to make enhancements and improvements to the FleetLine and GasSLX shocks’ designs.

So if you’re not buying shocks from the Original Gabriel, you may not be getting the same road-proven durability, strength and performance you’ve come to expect.

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