What is Fit- and Ride-Tested?

Going the extra mile to exceed expectations for quality and reliability.

When it comes to quality and reliability, Gabriel® has always been ahead of the pack. And to make sure we stay there, we go to great lengths to ensure our new shock and strut designs are specifically fine-tuned to meet the needs of today’s vehicles and their drivers.

At Gabriel, our products are backed by more than 100 years of innovation, engineering expertise and continuous improvement in ride control products. So we understand the critical importance of careful design and thorough testing. It’s why we engineer, test, and validate our new light vehicle shock and strut designs for proper fit, ride and durability – to ensure you get the same easy installation, high quality and long-lasting performance with every new Gabriel product.

Precision Engineered

Precision EngineeredEach new Gabriel shock or strut is engineered to very strict tolerances based on our Michigan-based engineers’ in-depth knowledge of the OE part it’s designed to replace, the vehicle it’s designed for and the performance requirements of the assembly. Then it’s extensively tested for durability and performance in our labs. Tests include: Spring Rate Testing, Durometer Testing, Limit Loading Tests, and Bearing Testing.


Fit-TestedGabriel Answerman Techs Fit-test each new shock and strut design on the very same light vehicle application for which it was created; verifying first-hand that the design fits properly and can be easily installed. This ensures that each new Gabriel product is free from fit issues, which means a faster, smoother installation and fewer returns.


Ride- TestedGabriel Answerman Techs Ride-test each new light vehicle shock and strut design on actual U.S. roads to ensure real-world performance and to verify that each design meets our high standards for quality. This also ensures that the design is tuned to meet the specific performance requirements of your U.S. vehicle application and breathes new life into your suspension by providing OE (or better) performance.

Not all manufacturers go to these lengths to ensure their products are properly engineered for durability, performance and ease of installation. But we believe it’s the right thing to do and exactly what you’d expect from the company that created the first automotive shock absorber in 1907 – the Original Gabriel.

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