FleetLine® Commercial Truck, Trailer and Bus Shocks

We’ve spent over half a century proving and enhancing heavy-duty shock performance.

When there’s a lot riding on the success of your fleet, you need shocks you know you can depend on. That’s why so many heavy-duty/commercial vehicle operators and fleet owners turn to Gabriel® FleetLine® shocks. We improve upon our designs based on the real-world needs and the increasing demands of fleet operators. Plus, operators and owners know they’re getting proven performance, durability and dependability with FleetLine shocks. It’s the kind of trust you’ll only find from the company whose HD shocks have been providing industry-leading confidence and quality for over 50 years – The Original Gabriel.

FleetLine shocks are designed as a direct replacement for commercial OE shocks, so they’re built to match and/or exceed OE specs and quality standards. They also feature a valving rate that compensates for initial truck suspension softening, providing performance that specifically matches the original.

FleetLine shocks offer innovative features like forged solid steel, 360° arc‑welded eye rings and end mounts,5 a pressurized piston ring that compensates for wear, and a multi-lip piston rod seal. For superior damping abilities along the entire spectrum of operation, FleetLine shocks incorporate a caged piston design. In recent, Gabriel–conducted “fade” test comparisons against a major competitor, the competitor lost more than 20 percent of its damping performance as it moved toward more extreme, heated operating conditions. Gabriel, however, remained steady, operating within 7 percent of its original damping performance under the same conditions.3 Plus, every FleetLine shock comes with a super-finished chromed piston rod to give you the kind of corrosion prevention and long-lasting durability that will continue to muscle its way through even the toughest jobs and heaviest loads.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, self-compensating piston seal for consistent damping ability and reduced fade throughout the shock life
  • Multi-lip piston rod seal leads to longer product life
  • 360° end mounts provide superior structural strength5
  • Cold formed and arc‑welded eye ring end mounts1 (most applications) for greater tensile strength3
  • Best-in-class hydraulic extension stop provides unparalleled system durability and inhibits shocks from topping out and suspension from over-extending2
  • Super-finished chromed piston rod ensures superior corrosion resistance, unyielding performance and extended product life
  • 10-stage All-Coil Spring Valving provides unbeatable comfort, control and durability
  • D.O.M. (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) tubing reduces internal wear
  • FleetLine cab shocks are designed specifically to eliminate cab vibration
  • Gas Cell design (cab shocks only) reduces fade and increases ride comfort

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